Flash UNICEF Twitch follower drive.

Twitch Follower drive!

For each new Twitch follower to my channel today – Nov 5th, I will donate $1 to UNICEF (up to $50).

As an additional thank you, I will post a link to your Twitch or other social media to my landing page at FeralChic.com, and on Twitch for 30 days in a “UNICEF drive thank you” box (see disclaimer). 

How to participate:

  1. Go to https://www.twitch.tv/feralchic and hit the “follow” button! (Sign up for a twitch.tv account first, if you don’t have one) I will base the donations off of my StreamLabs analytics. 
  2. (optional) send an email to admin@feralchic.com with your Twitch username and the link you would like to use in the “Thank you” box. 

Informational links:

UNICEF on Charity Navigator
Donations will be made via Paypal’s donation hub


  • This drive is on an honor system. I will do my best to provide a screenshot documenting the donation, but am not obligated to provide proof of this donation. 
  •  I reserve the right to not post your links in a thank you box if they violate my hosting provider’s or Twitch’s terms of service, or if they link to unlawful, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent content, or if the linking content infringes upon or violates someone else’s rights. I also reserve the right to not post your link to my site or my Twitch channel for any other reason.